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Book Review: English Bites! My Fullproof English Learning Formula by Manish Gupta

On the jacket:

English Bites! My Fullproof English Learning Formula is the story of a man who goes from being tongue-tied in school to becoming a smooth talking banker. Through a series of hilarious personal adventures and misadventures, Manish Gupta provides easy solutions to problems faced by language learners. So, whether you're a vernacular speaker, a GRE/ GMAT/CAT/XAT aspirant or just a language nut, English Bites! will expand your vocabulary and improve your verbal ability. It may even help you love the English language a little more! 

• Add over 1000 new words to your vocabulary and figure out easy and effective ways to expand your word bank.
• Combine etymology, mnemonics, jokes and anecdotes to better your understanding of the English language.
• Differentiate between similar sounding words and learn to use them right.
• Improve your general knowledge with trivia that spans brand names, automobiles, fine dining, love, money, banks, science and B-school jargon.


In India, while a large number of schools are English medium, hardly a few are equipped with teachers who themselves know the language well, to impart correct knowledge to their students. However, English is one of our official languages. So, forget about wanting to go abroad to study or work, one needs to be conversant in good English to prosper within the country as well, specially if your are a corporate.

Adding to this, very very few families converse in English amongst themselves. So where does the child learn from? He doesn't. Come college and he is left to cope, at a place where others are from different background and end up feeling petty for something as small as a language. But this happens. I have spent my initial schooling years in the smallest of towns, in central India, but I was lucky. I had the best English teachers one could, and to top it, my mother was very particular about grammar and did her share in helping me master it. Not everyone is so lucky. What do they do? Most go on speaking/writing the wrong language. And a handful, like the author, take it upon themselves, to learn and master it, when they are old enough to know it is important.

One thing I totally agree with here is, people needn't be scared of English. Yes, it is very confusing. But it is just a language and it can be easily understood, and mastered.

Upon reading the blurb, I had assumed the book is about someone who came from a vernacular background and his struggle with English. What I read, was so much more! Yes, the author has spoken about it in first person, involving the reader into what he has to say, smoothly. Very well-written, good language and easy to read, English Bites! should be a handbook for anyone who wants to better his/her English.  

I would highly recommend this book. Not only will you learn a lot of grammar rules and words easily, you would also be able to shed your fear of the language.

Rating: ****.5/5

[This is an author request review. However, the opinions are my own and honest views expressed upon reading the book.]

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  1. Dear Samarpita,

    I truly appreciate your comprehensive and incisive review of my book. You are doing a wonderful and an extremely noble job in spreading the word about the work of first-time authors and rekindling the love for reading among the youth of our country.

    Best regards, Manish
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    Twitter: @English_Bites


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