Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Day 5: Let's be friends?

Friendship day just went by. Over the day, people categorized into three broad types, some knowingly and some with no clue what they were doing.

- The first kind are the people who celebrate the day with friends, foes and everyone they know. For this category, Friendship day (most call it friendships day) is like Holi. Friend or foe, you wish everyone, even the ones you haven't spoken to in months or years.

- The second kind are the kewl ones, they do what is hip. They diss friendship day and the ones who celebrate it. Thay would also spend a considerable amount of time saying friendship is a farce. So much, that they forget that there is no harm really in spending some special time with friends. After all life is busy, and one doesn't get to spend a lot of time with friends. 

- The third kind goes about with the day's chore as they do on other days. They work, meet friends, family, go to gym - nothing new for them. They are the normal people, I believe.

I am not saying any one type is good or bad, right or wrong. But whichever type you fall in, don't get so involved in celebrating and doing the right thing, or, in criticizing those who create a hype over the day, that you forget a day is going by. Also, if you are the third type, which I am, why be so uptight - let's take out some time and give those friends a call, at least. After all, what is life without the best of friends!

Let's just be friends?

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