Friday, August 2, 2013

August Day 2: Top 3 pet peeves

I am an entire departmental store of pet peeves; I suppose most of us are. More applicable to those of us who have OCD, that too at multiple levels. Doesn't make much sense in delving into all pet peeves, I will only drive the readers away on day 2 of the #30DayChallenge. ;-)

A lot of our pet peeves are to do with basic manners, or hating lack of them. What I wanted to talk about, are a few which are not common; but particular to my character - not something I have picked up at home or from my surroundings.

The first one which is very loud is how I treat my books. All book lovers treat their books lovingly. That is one of the prerequisites of loving your books. But, I take it a step further. The width of the books I read, rarely have any wrinkles. A brand new book, does accumulate some wrinkles on it's width where it is bound together, but I hate it if it happens when I am reading a new book. I read new books sitting on a chair, with the book held lightly, on a table. Don't judge me, but my books look so new, they can be passed off as brand new books!

The second one is, I don't have a problem sharing a plate but I cannot let anyone take lick off my ice cream. I am not crazy about ice creams, no that isn't the reason. I just cannot eat it anymore after someone has licked it. Bite, I am fine with, but a lick I am not. Don't ask my to explain this further, I cannot.

Thirdly, if I am eating while watching television and there is an ad break, I stop eating. I resume eating once the ad is over. Again, I have no reason why I do it. I hardly watch the television and even if I do, almost never while eating food. But if I do eat in front of the tv ever, I stop eating at break times.

Tell me yours? How peculiar are you?

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