Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When authors sulk ..

Something interesting happened today. Early in the morning, I was scrolling through my FB timeline, when I stopped short at a post. It was a status update by an author whose book I had recently reviewed. The book I had reviewed is said to be his third book, but I haven't read his previous two. The review can be read here. (It has now been taken off the site owing to the author's poor attitude and misbehaviour.)

The status update was:

It was obvious that someone gave this guy a bad review and he simply couldn't be gracious about it. I tweeted this screenshot and later in the day some of us blogger friends got conversing on how authors need reviewers to promote their books (some mediocre), yet want only good words in reviews (not all authors).

A while back, a tweep who might have read our conversation, tweeted to us saying, the comment might be for her as she gave the book a negative review. I read the review and the reviewer did have valid points. While I had liked this book, I cannot deny the angle from which this reviewer had approached the story. An author needs to understand every reader won't read a book with the same perspective. Also, if you crave bouquets, you should be ready for brick-bats as well.

The status above was not only on his personal profile, but also on his fan page. One of my friends, Yatin, left a note under this staus on the fanpage and all the author had to say was 'lol'.

On his own FB profile, this is how has has been basking in glory of his wit and sarcasm.

He obviously doesn't know the difference between critic and critique. Oh well!

Also, a reviewer might have been writing since even before the author decided to take up writing and become famous, it's advisable not to doubt every reviewer's credibility. Disappointing, as I genuinely liked his story telling, though I have only read his latest book. Shya!

He later claimed on to say that he was just joking and reviewers need a sense of humour, and his attitude started getting nastier, to the extent of saying reviewers have launched a campaign to spoil his career.

The intent of this writeup is not to rant about this person, but to tell other authors that such behaviour is seriously not appreciated. Please send your books for reviews, ONLY if you are ready to accept brickbats along with a few bouquets. You will only receive an honest review from me.

On a brighter side, I would urge you to read this blog post by one of my favourite Indian authors, Ravi Subramanian. This is the reason, he has reached the heights he has, with humility along with a lot of hard work. You can read his post on how authors should and shouldn't tackle reviews, here.

Happy Reading!


  1. It is so sad when this happens. I hate it that the author had to remove his frustrations over a negative review by being cheap and mean. Reviewers work hard on writing their their reviews and giving their time and thought to the book they read. Each person has a different perspective and opinion and you need to respect it.

    Janhvi @ The Readdicts

    1. Really sad. You know, I had the good fortune of getting a mention on the author's blog when I had not even liked the book that much. That really took me by surprise and said a lot about the author too. But of course when they are approaching the book bloggers, they should anticipate all kinds of response. Moreover, everyone does not like the same books in the same way.

  2. I am glad you wrote this post Sam and I love Yatin's comment. Going over to his fan page for some bit of mine ;)

  3. Good going Samarpita. Thanks for writing this post on behalf of all reviewers. I am about to review this book, and now I'm all apprehensive whether I should, at all.

  4. Wow! good one - didn't know that he had done this! I had also reviewed his book and found it only to be an average read....no idea who he was mocking at, but I stand by what I said! As you say they should be ready for the brickbats along with the bouquets...

  5. Thanks Samarpita. I have tweeted this as it reflects what most of us reveiwers feel. First of all they should appreciate that we don't have to do it free of cost. Though most of the writers are pretty sweet but I have come across one who felt he was being a God's gift in my life and was thus 'allowing' me to do a review of his book. Generally I never do three star review and I have my own reasons for that but some to the have the audicity to whiplash you in public if you give then a three star. Kudos to you for writing this article.


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