Sunday, July 7, 2013

What's the logic?

So, yesterday, I saw Lootera.

No, I am not reviewing the film. What I am trying to talk about here, stems from my review of Lootera.

Once back from the movie, I tweeted, "Damn....I have never cried watching a movie. While watching Lootera, I had tears pouring from scene 1 to the last scene. Sheer brilliance."

This must've got retweeed a few times and this morning I wake up to a reply by someone who doesn't follow me, asking, "didn't watch barfi? (sic)" Fair enough, no I am not judging the question or the tweep, at all. 


This got me thinking?

Why would I cry in Barfi? Barfi was a happy movie, the kind of story that tugs your heart and makes you smile. Why cry? Because the protagonists are differently-abled than what I am? Pity cry?

What bull shit is that? I know everyone thinks differently and even reacts differently to different situations, but one has to be daft to put Barfi and Lootera on the same platform in terms of emotions.

But, people will. So be it.

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