Wednesday, July 31, 2013

21 Fools says, 'Thank You' to Indian soldiers. What about you?

Last year around 1700 soldiers had a huge smile on their faces when they got a Thank You card from a lot of us, 

There are around 1 lakh soldiers who are posted at the border and our vision is to reach out to every soldier and make them smile.

Help us do that?

Most of us want to stay happy despite the odds life throws at us. And most of us also want to spread happiness. A smile here, and a hug there; ensure we smile our way to bed at night, and so do they. 

Trusting the good in each one of you, this year, we at 21 Fools, are barking upon the path to do our bit as well. Last year, the cards we sent to the soldiers were priced. This year, we are not keeping any price tag on them. The cards will be free

The cards will be charged Rs 0.00 and you are free to pay the amount you wish. This is in hope to keep the goodness alive. Shall we?

You can also send our soldiers, our saviors, cards and rakhis. Who else, specially as of today, but them, can we depend upon, to be our saviors? While they are away from home for very festival which we celebrate with our families, let's try and send a few festivities and lots of love their way? What say, people?

Know more about how to send cards and rakhi here.

Disclaimer: All photos taken from 21 Fools' website.

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