Friday, July 12, 2013

I Saw, I Learnt.

We learn from what we see. And this holds true right from when we are born. We learn to talk, we learn words, we learn attitude, behaviours, everything from the examples set to us by people around us, some intentionally like by parents and teachers and some unintentionally.

To write about learning from seeing, one can actually sit and write a host of things, dating back to decades. But what comes to my mind is recent.

My mother has been a single mother since when I was 16 and every thing she has done has been inspirational. But, something very against her character happened recently. 

Maa has always been health-conscious; not just about being thin but about my father's and my own inner well-being as well. Few years back, she was diagnosed of osteoarthritis in both her knees. One knee was worse, so the entire pressure of walking went to the other. As a result, even though it wasn't in a very bad shape, it suffered more wear and tear. As a result, both knees needed to replacement surgeries. Unsure, she got one done and when she felt it went well, a year later, she got another one done.

Now, a knee replacement surgery isn't very painful. In fact once the knee is replaced, the pain goes. Only if you have seen someone suffer, would you know the magnitude of this pain. And Maa bore this all without any pain-killer for about 4 years. Why no pain-killers? Because excessive intake of those cause another set of ailments. After the surgeries come very gruelling rounds of physiotherapies, which go on for 3-4 months minimum. My mother being a working woman, it took away every bit of free time she had in a day.

Now let me tell you about me. I have been going through a rough patch physically and emotionally and if not for Maa, my husband and a couple of friends, I would have succumbed to a breakdown by now. Nothing life-taking, but it did keep my spirits down for close to four years and day by day, I was sinking into further depression.

Now comes the inspirational bit. Maa went to her orthopaedic, for checkup of her knees. The knee which was operated later, was still stiff and not bending to the angle which is desirable. Doctor suggested weight loss. Owing to her movement getting restricted post Osteoarthritis, she had put on some weight. 

Maa started walking. After a while, she realised she needed more, so now, she has joined a gym. Not to do cardio, but because she felt she needed a trainer to help her understand her muscles. So, maa, who is a teacher, goes to school at 7 am, comes back home with a whole lot of corrections etc at 4 pm, goes for walk at 6, then the gym at 7 , comes back home by 8, finishes the work she has brought home from school and repeats this schedule diligently, every single day.

And me, 25 years her younger, was wallowing in self-pity and letting myself go thinking I cannot get out of this. Yes, it's easier to make the body fitter than doing that to the mind, but somewhere Maa inspired me. I saw Maa taking care of herself, finally, and I learnt no one else will do that for me, I have to snap out of this and take care of myself. 

I have been on a fitter and happier lifestyle since two months now. The journey is long, very long. But it's time I prove I am my maa's daughter!

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  1. "Yes, it's easier to make the body fitter than doing that to the mind, but somewhere Maa inspired me." - Lovely! :)


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