Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Review: Parachutes and Peppermints by Sadie Mills

On the jacket:

Chocolateer, Lucy Simkins, has been unceremoniously dumped by her dithering boyfriend, Phil. She's left feeling achingly numb. She needs to blast him out of her system. She decides to go skydiving.

Joshua Snow is one of the most experienced instructors at the dropzone, with a smile that can charm the birds from the trees. When his shy little tandem student starts talking about BASE jumping and wingsuits, pushing him to teach her how to fly, he suddenly finds himself on the back foot.

There's an instant attraction between Joshua and Lucy, an attraction that hasn't gone unnoticed by his peers. A distracted student is one thing - they're all used to that. But a distracted instructor? That's a whole different story.


This book was my first Amazon download on my Kindle; I wanted a nice, easy, quick read. And, I was not disappointed. Having always wanted to skydive (freefall), but feared, not the height, but the capacity (or lack of it) of my lungs, this book has made me crave more.

A short story, yet unputdownablE, entertaining and tells you so much about skydiving. I read this in one go, and I suspect anyone who tries to read this book, will want to do the same, it's that enjoyable. Very well written, tight plot and likeable characters. 

If you are curious about skydiving, and want to know more; or just curious, wouldn't ever try yourself, but would like to know more - this is your book. It will take you through the entire process as if you are doing it yourself.

Rating: ****/5

[This was a personal read on Kindle.]

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