Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Review: Everything Under 18 by Manish Tripathi

On the jacket:

One always has to make important make-or-break choices in their lifetime.

What about a boy who is under 18? Is he mature enough to take such decisions? What happens when he chooses wrong?

Life under 18 is always at its craziest best. It is full of hopes, aspirations, plans, friends, love and crazy hormones. But what happens when everything turns into a nightmare; when friends turn to foes, parents behave like strangers and choose to trust outsiders over you. What happens when your friends move on and life stagnates on you. What happens when your love walks out on you and you are willing to give up everything for her to have her back.

In this true to life story, Vimal has to face his hardships, his pains, his wounds which are unbearable even for a grownup. He faces all his traumas alone and still being under 18. Will he be able to finally stand up? Will there be a second chance for him? 

Can true meaning of life be learnt when Everything Under 18 happens?


Everything Under 18 by Manish Tripathi is the kind of book all of us will identify with. We are either in our teens, living this stage, or have in the past. And we all know, it's not easy being under 18, albeit a lot of fun!!

One can read about Vimal, the protagonist, wonder how he will cope with life and it's troubles, or draw inspiration from it, or just enjoy reading it, reminiscing their own times. A lot happens when on is in their teens and at times, to us, the world seems wrong while our actions seem right. At times, we do the right, yet lose out. Age old friendships break, or strengthen, or new bonds are formed. The heart falls in love, the mind tries to focus on the career.

Narration is clear and characters are well-formed; Tripathi has spun an entertaining tale. Editing, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

Rating: ***.5/5

[This is a author request review. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.] 

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