Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Review: Seven Days Without You by Anmol Rana

On the jacket:

‘Seven Days Without You’ is a story of two childhood friends that finds its destiny only when they live seven days away from each other. What the joyous life of years together couldn’t unearth, was dug out by the heart breaking realities of seven days that were no less than a new life for him– one where his child hood friend was not with him.

The protagonist, Vishwas is all set for his first job. Enthralled with excitement the small town ‘mummy-papa’ boy leaves for Delhi and would return after seven days. His seven days without Shailja do not happen as he thought they would. His dreams ruined, expectations shattered and fantasies turned into nightmares, he realizes that life isn’t as simple as it looked from the balcony of his room. 

Fun, joy, excitement, sorrow, disgust, embarrassment, deception and then LOVE… Seven days teach him the perfect definition of every sentiment. The battle of emotions and confessions that lasts for seven days transmutes his years old relationship into something else and his heart overflows with the love he thought Shailja would never kindle inside him. 

What happened in those seven days that gouged his love out of friendship?
Will Shailja still be waiting for him after these seven days? 

And will she reciprocate his love...


When I picked up Seven Days Without You to read, I checked reviews on goodreads like I always do. The first review was a five star and spoke very highly about the book. Satisfied.

Not a very typical love-story, yet nothing very new about it either. A story about two friends, who are thrown into each others' lives because their fathers are good friends, so are the families and they end up being in the same school and college. Though till the point where the story begins, neither of them (Vishwas or Shailja) have any love lost between each other.

Vishwas moves from Dehradun to Delhi to join his new job and is scheduled to be back in Dehradun a week later, for his birthday. The story is about his experiences with people he meets from the time he leaves his town to the time he gets back, this time to a Shailja who is bedridden. 

To be frank, the plot of the story was decent. It is something I haven't read before, at least right now I cannot remember reading a similar plot. What disappointed me was the narration. The book is too long and too descriptive. Another thing which bothered me a lot was that the book has little or almost no editing done to it. Glaring errors and lack of proof-reading made it a very uncomfortable read, to be frank.  

Rating: ***/5

[The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.]

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