Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Review: One Last Time by Shubham Arora

On the jacket:

One phone call changes it all for him. Her phone call. After one full year. She is in the US, informing him about her marriage. She wants to meet him.

He had moved on, at least that’s what he had made himself believe. Unsure of everything, he books a flight from New York to Carolina to give his past the final closure.

The journey brings all the painful memories back to him. They have both come a long way since they first met as kids and then again as adults, before parting ways and . . . moving on.

But flight 1549 is not destined to reach its destination. Unaware and oblivious, he is lost in his memories of her.

Ambala. New Delhi. New York.

Love. Career. Distance. Longing. Separation.

Will he realize her importance in his life? Will she ever find out who she is actually meant for?

What if he doesn't live up to the day to meet her one last time?


Two people in love. They separate. He moves on, or so he believes. And then comes a phone call. A call from across continents, telling him, she is getting married and wants to meet him one last time. He sets of to meet her. The book takes you on a journey from Ambala to New Delhi to New York. But will he meet her? This is what One Last Time is about. 

A story about Ishaan and Tithi, who have known each year since they were toddlers, they grew up together, dated and then broke up. Almost a year later, she is getting married and he is on his way to meet her. Immersed in his thoughts of her, and memories of them together, Ishaan wonders if he can tell her he still loves her. You average love story amongst the 20-something gets a special twist when the reader is faced with the climax. 

The author has done a commendable job in spinning a concise story, characters are well-developed and the plot has a certain innovation to it, which makes it better than every other regular boy-girl love stories. Editing, however, leaves a bit to be desired. Sweet story.

Rating: ****/5

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