Monday, May 13, 2013

Ten things they don’t sell.

We work out asses off all our lives – to make money. And believe that this money will make our life better. No doubt it does, but does it make it perfect? Isn’t it true that the best things in life cannot be bought? You don’t believe? Let me point a few such things to you:

Peace of Mind: You have millions in the bank. Your company has branches worldwide. But it's likely you are always worried about the stock rates and the market value of these offices. Where is the peace of mind? Weren't you more at peace when poorer?

Confidence: You have a walk in closet with the world's best designer clothes and accessories. But you don't know how to pair them. And finally when you do learn to, you walk out with a stopped shoulder. Why? Because you lack confidence. You can learn to walk upright, but can you buy and make up for that lack of confidence?

Time: Remember the story where a little boy offers to pay his father the same amount of money that he earns in an hours, just so the man can spend it with his son? You have all the money you desire, but no time to spend it on yourself, no time to sit and talk to your nearest ones.

Health: Money can ensure good medical services and care. Money can ensure hugh insurance premium being payed for. But there is only so much that medical science can do to ensure your good health. What after that? How do you ensure good health when there is nothing left to buy, but pray?

Sound Sleep: You are up all night worrying about your work and your meetings. Will the same money help you sleep soundly, every night. More often than not, it doesn't.

Wisdom: We can buy all the books in the world and get educated at the best institutions, but widom comes from within. It graces the poor as much as the rich. You are either wise, or you are cannot buy it.

Talent: Money can help us better and polish our talents, but it cannot be bought if it's not within us. You cannot create a talent with money. Again, it's either in you or it's not.

Immortality: Earn millions, build a cushy home and have the best facilities around you. But, you'l leave it all and die one day. Alone. The money left behind can never buy you immortality.

Family and friends: These are the relations we take very lightly and for granted. But can we buy them? No, a mother or a best friend who care for you as they would if they were own, can never be bought.

Home: We can invest in multiple real estates and feel good about our acquisitions. But those are houses. Not homes. We can build a home with people, emotions, feelings etc. With money, we can just acquire the structures and decorate them.

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