Thursday, May 23, 2013

Duaayein ...

Anyone who knows me, is aware we shifted back to base city less than a couple of months ago. Now, during the process of loading and unloading of our furniture etc, a lot of stuff had got damaged and we were looking for ways to dispose them. One such item was a desert cooler, which didn't have much utility in the current house anyway. So, it was just kept near the lawns for about a month when I started making noise about how ugly it's looking there and soon birds and strays will come make home inside it. I wanted it out, but it was kind of functional, so couldn't just throw it away. 

One afternoon, a young woman rings the bell. I open the door irritated because it was really hot and I wasn't happy to be pulled out of my air conditioned bedroom. (Hold that thought right there, don't call me a snob sitting in a cool room yourself!)

So well, she pointed at the cooler kept at the far end of the premises and asked if we want to sell it. I nodded, not sure if anyone would want to buy it. Before I could say more, she said, "We live in those temporary shanties behind this colony, where the new constructions are taking place. Our house has a tinned roof and it gets very hot. The fan doesn't help one bit and my little boy cries all afternoon, he sweats so much."


She looked at me pleadingly. I told her what all was wrong with it and that the fan and pump were in top condition, so if her man can do something with it, they can take it. Her man came and said, he can work around the damages. I asked them to come next morning and speak to S. At night, I told him the entire story and he said, "You should've let them take it then itself, would've saved them one hot afternoon." 

So the next day they came and took it, she kept thanking us profusely. 
The area next to the lawn was clean now, and I was hoping some baby is happy nearby. I soon forgot this episode.

Last evening, I was walking down from a neighbourhood shop, back home. Someone called from behind and it was the same woman with her baby. She'd seen me and come running. She thanked me and said, "...because of you, my baby can sleep peacefully. You are very kind, my home stays so cool now. Do visit us someday," she pointed at her shanty. The honesty and thankfulness in her voice made me feel so small. So freakin' small. Something I wanted to be thrown away asap, because it was looking bad sitting there, is currently the reason of so much comfort for a little 3 months old baby and happiness for his mother.

Yesterday I got buckets full of good wishes from a mother. Wishes for something I didn't even do. But it felt SO good. It came to me by fluke, but considering how many blessings I need right now ... maybe she was godsend. Just like she said I was godsend for her baby.

I don't know who helped whom, but as of today, the only reason I have smiled since morning, is thinking of the little baby, sleeping peacefully in a cool room.

Also, parents. Parents must be the only people who can run around frantic, to get the smallest and biggest comforts for us, right? Would it matter to this child, how his mother had managed to give him cool afternoons when he was only three months old? I hope it does, we do tend to forget growing up.


  1. dad always said that the blessings of the less fortunate are the one's that mean the most. cause they bless you from their soul. one eye sore of a discarded cooler brought a world of happiness to this poor mother and she blessed you with her soul...savour it sam. for a moment it may take our minda of the frugalities of life.... this is your best one yet!! :)


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