Sunday, May 19, 2013

Do brands own you?

Yes, we all like to dress well. While some of us lean towards what is smart and comfortable, some others are particular that these smart clothing need to be branded. Which one are you? And while we are at it, and you surely do love brands – so why not be a mystery shopper with RedQuanta!

Ever wondered what brand conscious is? Is it blindly following a brand because it is raved about all over the world or buying a brand because you understand what their products are about? A fresh example that comes to my mind is; how we buy phones. A lot of us buy phones based on fads. Apple is considered more hyped while android phones are cheaper. I know Apple fanboys of two types: one who buy it because they can and the other who buy it because they like the product, the after sales service and the comfort of using Apple products. Ironically, both kinds are brand conscious in their own worlds.

A friend buys Body Shop products because they are organic and that matters to her. A relative does the same because they make her dresser look posh, when her friends visit. Ever wondered why are we so greedy to own nothing but the best?
When our conversations are peppered with Gucci, LV, Hermes, Cavalli etc, it feels good. Why? Because these brands symbolise money. But do we need them? Do we appreciate them? Do we understand what they are all about? A Mango top can cost me 4K while the same design will cost half in one of the Bandra boutiques. But! It’s not the same thing!

So, am I really brand conscious? Do I own my brands or do the brands own me?

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