Sunday, May 5, 2013

Book Review: Smart Phones Dumb People? by Parthajeet Sarma

On the jacket:

Parts of India and the world live in the 21st century whereas parts live in the 19th century. Whilst many of us live in times ruled by smartphones and the internet, millions go without easy access to basics like water and electricity.

We live in an opportune moment today. We have, available to us, the technological tools of the 21st century to address 19th century issues. In a fast changing world, will mankind be ruled by smartphones soon or will mankind use technology in life-changing innovations to make our societies far more equitable? Can technology be used to address the most crying needs in our societies today?

The big picture is built by stories about the modern fruits of technology and how these are being used by leadership groups to combine business with social causes. This is an easy read for anyone interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, social issues and the current challenges like excessive corruption that face us today.


You know how we see things happening around us, the obvious, but our eyes just scan over them without registering them? Sarma, in his book has spoken about the very same things and thanks to him, I at least won't be able to ignore these things. The facts that how mechanical our lives have become and how we are clueless about how to behave in the absence of technology, are some shocking truths we seldom sit back to ponder about.

Sarma grips the reader's attendance with giving real life experiences and anecdotes, about his own daughter, colleagues, and other people around him. And immediately we can relate to what he is talking about. Sarma makes sense in Smart Phones Dumb People? from Page 1. Apart from technology, he also talk about entrepreneurs, innovations brought in my technology, about corruption etc.

All in all, his basic question is, have we advanced so much, then we are unable to do the basic, i.e. think? A good, smooth, insightful read. 

Rating: ****/5

[This review is on request of PRJankari/author. However, the views expressed are my own honest opinions and the review is not a paid review.]


  1. What I learned form the book was… That technology is a boon if it is used properly, however lack of proper mindset for utilizing is the main problem. We Indians are good in knowledge gathering. But still we dont use it in right way for society.
    By the way I loved your review. This was the second book I had ever read. The first one was Beaten by Bhagath by S V Divvakar. I would love to read your review on the same. This book is about harsh realities of publishing houses.

    1. Thanks Harshal. I have already reviewed *Beaten By Bhagath* in the blog :-)


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