Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A pile of gift wrappers? Don’t throw them yet!

So, a birthday just went by and while the gifts made you ecstatic, you don't have the heart to throw away the pretty wrapping papers? Worry not, you can reuse them! How about you trim the spoilt parts and use them to line your drawers pretty? If the paper is really pretty, cut a neat peace and frame it; it can make for a beautiful wall decor! Have a patch of wall which your kid has drawn upon? Why don't you take a few wrapping papers, cut them in equal size and paste them alternately as wall paper? Cool, eh?

Another brilliant way is to cover your books, or even your shoe boxes. Make 'em pretty! Some wrapping papers are made of soft, tissue paper – you can wrap your delicate jewellery in them. You can cut the papers into designs of your choice and use them for party decorations. You can also cut the smooth portions from a few sheets and join them to make a fresh wrapping paper, with a personal touch. Another good idea would be to use these sheets to cover your gift boxes and make them pretty.

You can use old wrapping papers as kitchen place-mats  If the paper is very crumpled, shred it and use it as fillers in gift bags etc. You can also cut out pretty images and help your child make next year’s Christmas greetings! Lastly, you can always reuse them as wrapping paper, for someone else’s gifts and/or for your child’s craft projects! And when all of this is done, drop everything and be a mystery shopper for RedQuanta! Go on, I promise you will be thrilled.

[This blogpost is in association with RedQuanta. You can also check their blog here.]

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