Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review: How I Got Lucky by Farhad J Dadyburjor

On the jacket:

A satire on the entertainment world set against the frenzied buzz of Mumbai city

I was with Lucky... Lucky Star. He showed me what he was wearing to the Cannes Film Festival. He's given me an Exclusive.

Raman Malhotra is thirty five, uninitiated in the matters of love, and endlessly confused about his sexuality. A journalist with The Weekly, his search for front page scoops come to a screeching halt when hes assigned the Bollywood beat. Throw into the mix the shenanigans of an overpowering lesbian photographer, a dirt-swapping PR queen, a webcam model doling out sexual favours, and a rising Bollywood star. 

Raman's blah existence is dramatically thrown off-kilter when he finds himself being pursued and courted by the bisexual king of Bollywood, Lucky Star. Puckered into a world of celebrity, malicious gossip, and meaningless shags Raman wrestles with his sense of self, ideas of love, and the monstrous caricatures of entertainment. 


A debutant author who is witty. Not a surprise after having read the huge writing experience he has already had! In How I Got Lucky, Dadyburjor has implemented a witty take on the entertainment industry. The plot, at the sound of it, is not very novel, it has been done before. But the treatment given to it is interesting and makes the book a joyful read.

The characters are similar to ones we have read about, or even some we know  of, if we are industry insiders. A sattirical novel peppered with abundant amounts of hilarious anecdotes, this book will keep you in the splits.

It speaks of the sexual underbelly, the dirty politics, the pathetic games and the ever so famous manipulations that the industry is so famous for; albeit with a good mix of dark humour.

Rating: ****/5

[This review is for Random House India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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