Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book Review: The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

On the jacket:

In the middle of the catastrophic 2008 recession, Aditya, a jobless, penniless man meets an attractive stranger in a bar, little does he know that his life will change forever…..
When Radhika, a young, rich widow, marries off her stepdaughter, little does she know that the freedom that she has yearned for is not exactly how she had envisioned it…..
They say Homing Pigeons always come back to their mate, no matter where you leave them on the face of this earth. Homing Pigeons is the story of love between these two unsuspecting characters as it is of lust, greed, separations, prejudices and crumbling spines.


The Homing Pigeons was a surprise read. It was a surprisingly good read. I had expected a regular love story as is in abundance these days, but was in for a treat! Debut authors have been a sort of a disappointment of late. However, Sid Bahri seems to know very well what he is in for and has surely delivered a good read.

The plot, is different. While the author is said to deny it being a love story, it is one, though mildly. Human emotions, behaviours, wants, needs and reactions - Bahri has explore these in his debut novel. The plot does drag a wee bit, and you might want to run through and turn a few pages in between, but that would partly be because you want to know how the story ends. 

The end, the absolute end could have been different but even this works well. Editing could have been a little tighter. Characters were built very well and the plot which went from past to the present and sometimes, the in-between, was spun very well. 

A quick read, but an interesting story nevertheless. A thumbs up to the author.

Rating: ****/5

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