Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Review: Stilettos in the Newsroom by Rashmi Kumar

On the jacket:

A racy and lively account of a bubbly 28-year-old journalist Stilettos in the Newsroom unravels itself through the eyes of Radhika Kanetkar right from the time she took her first step into the newsroom, got her first story, made bloopers and handled pressures to meet deadlines. In the midst of all this, Radhika experiences a journey of triumph, anguish, jealousy and of course finds her true love Sameer.


I am still wondering what the intent of the story was. The protagonist is  a journalist, basically what we know better as a features writer. The amount that the pages speak of her work and work hassles, it's comes across as a part of a person's daily life. While after reading the title of the book, one is led to believe the story is about happenings in the newsroom as contrary to the protagonist's life as a features writer.

On the jacket, the book speaks about Sameer who is Radhika's true love. The book has absolutely no love story in it. The plot is extremely loose and you might be compelled to ask yourself repeatedly - what is the book about.

Newsroom story this is not, neither is this a love story. I say, read at your own risk, you might just end up cursing yourself for not being able to fathom what the plot is about.

Rating: **/5

[This is a personal review of a copy of the book borrowed from a local library.]

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