Monday, March 11, 2013

Book Review: Falling For A Bollywood Legend by Mahi Jay

On the jacket:

Aadith Varma is the hottest guy in Bollywood-in keeping with his latest movie role,he is known as the ultimate romantic hero.Until his PR manager ruins his reputation by conveying him as the ultimate playboy! Aadith needs someone to help redeem his image fast,the movie's success depends upon it.That person has to be Nina Shah,she's the best PR person in the business,except he and Nina have a past...

Nina doesn't want the job, she once lived next door to Aadith and had a crush on him,but devastatingly, he rejected her advances, thinking that she was too young. Nina was crushed,and has avoided bumping into him in the film industry. Now they are face to face again. Aadith sees that Nina is all grown up and absolutely gorgeous, but he is not interested in marriage. Nina knows that this time she needs to protect her heart from Aadith and she will certainly stand up to him. 

Sparks might fly between them,but resisting each other? That's impossible!


I haven't read a M&B book in about a decade, purely because of no concrete reason. So, when I chanced upon an offer to review one, that too an Indian version, I grabbed it. A huge section of the so-called literary crowd are known to scorn upon Mills & Boon books, as they are unrealistic and set wrong expectations in impressionable minds, I absolutely adore reading them from time to time, in between heavy reads. A firm believer of happily-ever-after and in true love, I adore these little romance novels.

Now before I tell you how reading Falling For A Bollywood Legend was, let me tell you, the plot is exactly how every other M&B book is. Both the protagonists  are irresistibly attractive, hate each other, but the sexual tension is too much, the man rice, suave and a womaniser, the woman falls in love with him after their first time in the sack and shuns him fearing he'll know she is in love, an elderly family member will always know they were meant to be together and in the end, together they get. Falling For A Bollywood Legend is all this.

I began reading Falling For A Bollywood Legend  with a lot of doubts, but I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing over-the-top (as a lot of Indian authors tend to get), and despite the plot based around the film industry, the author kept it tight and to the point, and didn't let it get filmy. A page-turner as all romance novels are to those who dig them, I stayed up till late in the night to finish it. All in all, a very impressive attempt by Mahi Jay.

Rating: ****/5

[This review is for the publisher/PR and the views expressed are absolutely personal and a fair account of impressions. The review has not been charged for.]

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