Saturday, February 16, 2013

Out of the comfort zone, on a stroll.

~ @sai_ki_bitiya

God knows why I am writing this up when I should be studying for an important class tomorrow. 

Ah! The dreaded subject. The subject in question is <insert a drumroll here> … Finance. A subject I only know how to spell. Yes I can do a bit of math, mainly the calculus. Or whatever you call adding and subtracting. Oh wait, I think that’s calculation and not calculus. Hey, don’t laugh at me. I can do poetry and laundry better than you.

OK, Fine! Go ahead and laugh I guess. I’ll even add a bit more to your mirth.

Grade 9: I was afraid of all snakes, be it Rattle snake, Boa Constrictor or Pythagoras.

Grade 10: I cussed the people of Algeria for having such a 'mammothly' stupid language, Algebra. Like, come on now. Bah!

Grade 11: I thought Calculi were a rare hybrid of Cacti.

The list goes on. The point is I hate math. I also do not understand it. Yet, here I am, taking this course as part of my study program. 
Yes, I am 30+ and I am changing my profession.

I remember telling a close friend that I want to change career paths and that I am going back to school to learn a new profession. I remember her face went as shocked as she could possibly manage to show.

Why?” she squeaked in dismay.

Why? I thought to myself. I am settled, busy, content with my current profession, working at a great company with a load of benefits, six minutes of commute and the best part - I am recognised at my work for professional excellence and get to work on the best of projects.

Believe me it is no fun to work a full day, then become a domestic diva in the evening and then stay awake the whole night prepping for an assignment. This, when I could quite possibly be huddled under a warm blanket and watching Sheldon’s famous door knock in The Big Bang Theory. The friends complain of my non-attendance at the monthly get-togethers, the usually supportive husband grumbles about the unwashed laundry and the dog has me in his little black book for the absence of enough Ball-Fetch. There have been days I have woken up with ‘grump’ written on my forehead and I refuse to look at the mirror lest it should confirm.

But you know what? I am strangely very happy. I don’t see this as changing my profession. Rather, I am just doing something that would make me happy. And learning makes me happy. I don’t know how I will fare in the new career, but for now I just want to come out of my comfort zone and learn a completely new field of knowledge for me. People learn a new language. I am studying for new gig. No, I don’t have glamorous dreams that would Bollywood-ishly land me job in an upscale publishing house and me drinking wine in a high rise New York apartment overlooking the river. My dream is to just keep practising happiness. Oh wait wait! Can I please use that awesome cliché? This is indeed my pursuit of happyness. <insert angel chimes here>

I wish this was a breeze. But it’s not. I cannot say I am exceptionally smart in studies. I was an above average student in my teens but that was then. The world has tumbled and turned upside down ever since. I have challenges that often scare enough to flip me off the path I bite my manicured nails in school, pull my hair at home and cry my mascara out in the car. I wish, pray and hope that I have more grey matter that will attract more learning bits.

I am now halfway through my program and I have to say I have a true gleam in my eyes when I get my final marks for each course. I do manage to get B+ grades but I haven’t let that affect me as of yet. For now, anything upward of the passing mark is a miracle to me. For now, I am thankful I have a window of opportunity. For now, I am just a woman who can’t wait to attend another class. And yes, Finance will just have to be conquered.  

Here is a thought ball for you.
When was the last time you..
did something new..
just because you wanted to..

Yes, it rhymes. What else did you expect from a poetess?

@Sai_Ki_Bitiya or SKB, as we all know her, believes in miracles when no one else does. Newly started to experiment with life, one baby step at a time, she is still searching for eternal truths but finds solace in poetry and literature. (She confessed she is an awesome cook as well, but very shyly said, "This isn't a matrimonial site!")


  1. Whoa - I was never a fan of math too! Calculus, algebra, trigonometry - they were all my sworn enemies in school and college! Like you at 30+, I am also considering changing my career but am lost and not sure which way I should be heading - hope I figure it out soon

  2. dreaded maths and hated the maths teacher 😆, at 30+++ want to change from stay at home to something enticing😃


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