Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Review: Work It Out Without A Workout by Vesna P Jacob

On the jacket:

  • I don’t get time to exercise 
  • What’s the point of joining a fitness centre when I know I’ll quit 
  • Working out is so boring 
  • I want to follow a fitness regime but don’t feel motivated enough 
  • I wish I could get fitter and slimmer 
  • My kids don’t allow me a break 
  • I am too busy and feel drained after gymming 
In Work it Out Without a Workout veteran health expert Vesna P. Jacob breaks these myths and shows you how there is NO EXCUSE for not being fit, healthy, and happy. From improving your posture to shedding extra flab without strenuous workout, you can achieve it all and that too without going to a gym. With easy to follow exercises, even while driving, travelling, or working, now you can look good while having fun at the same time.


To say the truth, I picked this book up thinking 'one more fitness book', but was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it is a fitness book but you have to read it to know the difference. The cover shows a very fit Vesna, but the very first chapter talks about her health failures. This is what won me over. Firstly, Vesna's story is touching. And inspirational. Secondly, Vesna is not preaching us while everything she has is perfect. She comes across as humane and one of us, she too has struggled with fitness of a certain kind and knowing she has succeeded, one automatically feels yes, she can be trusted!

The book also includes science in it's various chapters, scientific explanations and reasons of everything. Vesna has extensively spoken about the smallest yet effective things like posture. Other books talk about what we can do, what we can eat, etc. Vesna has also spoken about motivation. Motivation is what pushes us to shape up, what about when there is no motivation? No one tackles this topic, it was good to read about this in Work It Out Without A Workout.

Alongside, Vesna has also given detailed methods on how one can remain fit even in the busiest possible lifestyle and keep the body fit.

Rating: ****/5

[This review is for Random House India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]


  1. Thanks for linking it to IQRC Samarpita but the writer is Bosnian, though lives in Delhi. So not IQRC material but nice review

  2. I really like all the reviews about this book. I will read this book for get a fitness.
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