Monday, February 11, 2013

‘2-Minute Noodle wala love’ v/s ‘Ishq wala love’

~ Isha Sharma

After being super-active on social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter, individuality has somewhat got blurred between ‘Virtual v/s Real life’ as it’s too hard to formulate a category where you can decide between real and virtual friends. The meaning has shuffled and most wonderful connection I share with, are mostly people I know via Twitter.  

But stark irony and reality is that having 650 friends on Facebook and about 2,000 Followers on Twitter , it could never get  = 2650 friends because, during emotional crisis while I scroll down my phone-book, it takes around 20 minutes to keep popping my eyes out at the phone screen and finally pressing the ‘Lock’ button on phone which is the only option, I am left with. (Read: OMG, My life is over!  Not even a SINGLE friend to count on. Now I know I am surely going to DIE SINGLE and someone who coined the word FOREVER-ALONE knew it will suit me aptly! ) and I silently weep, crib, curse myself and put myself to sleep.

More than that, what sometimes bothers the most during you being ‘Single’ is all the mush you see around on your Facebook feed and Twitter Timeline. Be it the honeymoon pictures, wedding-sangeet pictures, they give you  a reality jolt that ‘How hopelessly single are you, honey’ and worst being seeing one of your junior  you had in high-school putting up a display picture with his recent GF hanging out at a nearby mall.  You all of a sudden are made to feel so aloof by all your ‘Happily in love’ friends.

Yes! It does affect me because being a girl and NOT getting affected by all of this is as impossible as me missing a Shahrukh Khan movie (Except for few which I miss deliberately because I am a ‘smart-enough’ fan. :P )

When all of a sudden, all your close friends ask you ‘Still single?’  because they know almost all your male friends and they silently pray you get hooked to someone but all you do is just laugh it off saying ‘I haven’t found someone even half awesome as I actually am’ (I know! Such an orkutiya I might sound at times, but this line is one of my finest discoveries I’ve made while glancing through one of those stupid Facebook quotes pages. )

Being a typical virgo, I am a hopeless romantic who still cry during the last scene of ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ where the heartbeat theme begins. I still have a stock of movies like ‘A walk to remember’ ‘Jab we met’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota hai’ and a windy day with hair all open and my favourite Rehman song  ‘Tu Bin Bataye’ plays in the background and for a few minutes I play the lead actress my own world, waiting for my lover to take me away to my Utopian world. But I stick religiously to the concept of  ‘One sided short love affair’ or what we call ‘Who dekh. Mere Crush ne DP Change ki. Haayee!’ 

But, the deeper plot is that I don’t fear commitment. All I fear and despise  is ‘Two- minute noodle wala love’ where for people it just takes ‘one like and comment on a  Facebook picture’ and exchange of about 450 WhatsApp messages to declare  ‘In love, yet again’ and their relationship status changes to  ‘In a relationship’ fetching them around 50 likes.  Sadly, time has never moved for me since I saw DDLJ for the first time ever. My definition of love is unexplainable because it’s too beautiful to be penned down in just a few words. 

One-liners and pictures which you get to read/see on Twitter/Facebook which says  ‘Love is’ makes you fall in love with the whole idea of ‘Falling in love’ (I hope that made sense and didn’t sound absurd). 

I don’t want to sound all mushy and cliché but Yes! Movies have contributed greatly to my definition of love.

Love is lot more than exchanging those ‘Lovey-Dovey’ messages and gifts, but sometimes just when you hear them calling your name sounds more than it just being your ‘perfect’ happy moment of the day.

Love is lot more than merely being an emotional expression or a feeling. Love for me is not someone who buy me diamonds and expensive gifts, but it’s lot more than that ‘One glance and you skip a beat’ connection with just one small conversation you exchange. 

It’s just sad to see how today even a 14 year old kid boasts about how hot and sexy his girlfriend is, little do they even know the real meaning of ‘Togetherness, commitment and emotional equation’.  I am 20 and all what I understand about love is that it surely isn’t ‘2-minute noodle wala love; where just one fight/argument and poof!!  ‘Contact Deleted’ , ‘Blocked’, ‘Unfriended’ and ‘Unfollowed’ from all social networking sites and you are ready with another ‘Break-up tragic’ story of yours.

 I am a hopelessly romantic person and romance for me still is *falling in love with the same person every day*, all over again even if it is one of those annoying habit of the other person but it’s the love that matters at the end of the day and makes you fall in love sincerely with their flaws too. 

I still silently pray that my ‘Palat..Palat’ trick I learnt from DDLJ works some day and during my train journey, I do look around for my Aditya (Jab we met edition)  I am still waiting for my miracle to happen which would make me believe that ‘Yes! Miracles do happen.’ Like what I saw in the movie ‘A Walk to remember.’

Yours truly,
Hopelessly-in-love with Crush no.123456

ISHA/@MissCandyflaws (Even my name has flaws, but still proud to be perfectly imperfect) 


  1. A very cute post...took me back in time...:)
    Here's something I wrote for V-Day

  2. aww this is such a beautiful post..and i'm a big,ardent fan of srk too....And itz so true...Nowadays youngsters simply degrade the definition of luv!!

    Lurve u for the post!!



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