Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The year that was ~ 2012 in pictures

2012 began on a decent note. We travelled a bit in the first quarter, so that's when most of the outdoor memories were made. 

In Feb, we made a trip to Puri. Amazingly, Puri has the best beaches in India. There is no salt/moisture in the wind, the beaches are decent and the sea is LOUD! Our hotel was across the road from the beach and we slept to the sound of the Bay of Bengal every night. How romantic is that! :-) 

I must be one of the rare Bongs who went to Puri like for the first time in adulthood. Yes, otherwise, Puri is like a weekend home for all of my clan! ;-)

The trip to Puri was slightly adventurous, while going and even while there. You can read about our overnight adventure here.

March means anniversary. This year Samir & Rupali came over for the weekend just before the day. And we hadn't had such a fun time with friends in ages! 

April took us to Shirdi - Goa - Bombay. Hectic, yet relaxing. Goa always is. We are still wondering why we didn't stay back. Oh well, rozi roti and all that jazz! Here's my dil ka tukda at one of our early morning adventures outside Vivanta. We renewed our wedding vows, in privacy of each other's souls. And now, looking back, that was a great decision. Somewhere in dealing with life and facing daily challenges, one forgets why we married each other. Renewing vows and just talking about what we mean for the other, just strengthened the bond further.

August was a road trip with Samir and Rupali. Mostly, we have noticed with couple friends, we gel with one of the couple and dislike the other. With Sam and Rupali, it's smooooth! We love them both to bits and they are totally comfortable with us. No pretence, it's like we've known each other since decades. Oh, well! :-D

So, we took a road trip a little to the south to what is known as the Niagra of India ~ Chitrakot Falls Bastar. Chuck the photos, see this video first. The noise! The noise! 



  1. Loved the 2012 journey(s) :). Here's to more fun and memories in 2013! Looking forward to reading more!

  2. 2012 sounded lovely with all those memories.. Cheers to many more this year!


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