Friday, January 18, 2013

For the love of Beckham!

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There are some things about one's childhood that one can never forget, from a doll to a toy, they remain with us for long. Sports freak as I was, all my memories are about sports..NO,this article is not on Sachin or Dravid, we all know how great they are and how emotional we are about is about someone else,a man from a different country..from almost a different world. If you existed in the 90s the name David Beckham was almost unavoidable.

From his hair styles to his mansions, he was there, everywhere. A new kid was on the block. As that face glowed with the hair curling, you almost forgot that this man was  a footballer, he was loved and adored but all this was to change.

WC-1998 The first time Beckham showed he was a genius but a flawed one. As it happens with great people, one mistake..the team lost and the pin up suddenly became England's biggest villain. They say if you do well,they name a street after you,when you fail..they beat you down the same street. Hatred grew, people were calling for his effigy was hanged. There seemed no way back as the critics grew but so did his will to prove them all wrong. Abused, threatened and rattled, Beckham fought on knowing all it takes is that one moment, one moment of genius. That would be the moment where all the fingers pointed at him would be taken back and England will admire his genius. All Beckham needed was that one moment and the moment did come...

WC 2002 Eng Vs Greece. England went into the match needing a draw or win but as it always has been the case, were trailing with almost no time left. It was the perfect time for Beckham, the show stopper to steal the show .. and boy,he did .As he curled in a free kick from 20 yards, the way only he could, he  made fans fall in love with him all over again! He won them back by the only way he could do it the best! The devil had been forgotten. England and the world fell in love,again with the most popular footballer,ever..

There are greats, then there are stars ~ but few are born superstars. They thrive on adversities and more importantly, take the game to a level never seen. Murali might have more wickets but Warne mesmerized people, Caprio might be a better actor but no one captures people's imagination more than Tom Cruise - and Beckham, has almost single-handedly changed the way people see football.

Now, he is in the twilight of his career. At 38, he is fighting for that one chance at glory. I hope he does. I want to tell to generations to come "I was among those who waited to hear ..ITS BECKHAMMM one last time.


  1. Thank you for writing this, I am a die hard fan of his too :) he is definitely a born superstar undoubtedly the most popular footballer ever. If football is a brand he is definitely the brand ambassador


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