Monday, January 7, 2013

A prayer I say, for every ambulance I see.

I sat inside an ambulance for the first time when I was 16. I know it's not a big deal per se, people have had bigger tragedies by the time they are that age. Still, that experience is responsible for a few things I do today.

My first time in an ambulance was with my father. He was in coma and was being taken for a scan. My mother was supposed to go with him, but before she could come downstairs, some relative packed me in the ambulance and sent me off saying they'll follow in the car.

It took us some 10 minutes to go from home to the hospital. The sound of the siren was blinding, my heart skipped a million beats every second ... scared, what if something happened to him now. I was just a kid. Yes, 15 years ago, us teens used to be kids. 

So we reached and so did the rest of the people who were following us. Ma was frantic for me, as soon as she saw me, she hugged me and held my hand the rest of the time till we reached home. The mother knew her daughter was scarred for life in those ten minutes. The rest of the people never realised.

For months, I would dream of travelling in an ambulance, every night. Even now, 15 years later, the sound of an ambulance makes me shake. Every time I  see one go by, with the siren on, I fold my hands and say a prayer, for the people inside. No one enters an ambulance with common cold, it has to be serious.

My husband used to be amused initially, seeing me pray every time I saw an ambulance. I cannot explain in words exactly why I do it, or know if my prayers have helped even one person inside. More than praying for the sick person inside, I pray that there is no child/teen inside, dying a million deaths, wondering what this is all about.

Also, elders, do measure your words and actions carefully. 


  1. its a sensitive post.. and i can understand :) my first was with my amma.. taking her for a post mortem.. about the same age... then i was blank.. but i can so relate to what u wrote.. yes its always serious.. no one enters one with common cough...

  2. That is one thing we share. Even I say a silent prayer - every time I hear an ambulance siren pass. I'm sure it helps in some way.

  3. I do the same thing didi. Everytime i see an ambulance pass by, i will pray. Even one prayer matters.

  4. Such a touching account Samarpita, I can see what an impact it had on you. And I am not a prayerful person, but for something like this, I too believe that every prayer helps.

    1. haina? even I am not very much into praying, but I wish no one ever faced ill health.

  5. Hi,

    Ur blog took me 2 yrs back in time wen my mom was hospitalized. The entire chain of events, the siren still haunts me wenever I see an ambulance. Then I freeze and ask my hubby to give way to the ambulance. Here's something I wrote which u might like

    I can understand the feelings expressed in ur post.

  6. Really nice post, very touching

  7. Your post reminded me of the time my Dad was hospitalized, i was 15 and my mom was a nervous wreck and inconsolable, sister was not even around..and it was me who took all the decisions..running around with insurance work and money matters!! *shudders* btw i do the same thing like you do.. a silent prayer for the one i dont even know every time i see an ambulance...

    Hope no-one has to go through what we did! I cant even bring myself to think of just what you went through during that time.. ((hugs))


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