Monday, December 31, 2012

Read more, write more, love more, mingle more ...

2013 is here. Night has crept into a brand new day. The calendar says it's a new year, but for now, I'l treat it as a new day only. It'l be a new year for me, when I start sharing concrete progress in this section.

I had wanted to usher it without the constant frown I've had on my face of late, but that didn't happen. To cut a long story short, the frown is still there. But to give myself some credit, I have identified it's there, before an onlooker told me and I am trying to erase the creases. This time I don't want to depend on others to erase them, however kind they are.

So, some things I begin on now would be:

* Control food intake: I don't have a huge diet, I eat like a bird actually. I am not even fond of eating. It's just that when I do eat, I eat wrong. Junk food, outside food, chocolates, cold drinks - I cannot give them up. I'l restrict their intake to once a month. 
This has been planned repeatedly but never achieved. To be frank I was never attentive enough to take this through. As of now, I want to, so let me be positive and think I will!

HOLD IT! Let me talk about my achievement first! For someone who cannot let go of addictions, I have been alcohol free since September 16, 2012. 
That's three and a half months. This was my unplanned birthday resolution and again, I intend to keep this one. So, well, yeay for me!
Read more, write more, love more, mingle more, be more creative. In short live more ~ that's what I hope to give to 2013. In turn, all I would want is no unpleasant surprises. But that's easier said than done. Nevertheless, A very Happy New Year to you,if you are reading this. Stay safe, strong and healthy

From the book Be Happy by Monica Sheehan

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