Monday, December 31, 2012

Bucket List 2013

I'l be upfront about this. I have already made my bucket list for life. But that's for life and each point in it has a buffer period of a few year, viz, I'l achieve such and such by the time I am 30, and such and such by the time I am 35.

But, there are some smaller yet equally worthwhile accomplishments I wish to make in 2013. Writing them in the journal would only mean that ~ writing. I won't be turning back the pages, would I? I would be opening my blog page everyday, though!

Smart? Let's see how much! I won't be going from 10 to 1, 'coz, well coz I don't like downward order. Also, *if* and *when* I achieve any of these goals, I shall be updating the details on this page. I will also try and post updates from time to time, on certain resolutions which will need daily attention!

1. Travel more. January looks promising. There are some travel destinations I have a mind-block against; I hope to throw caution to the winds and just visit these places.

2. Medicines: I forget to take them. I have friends reminding me almost everyday, the husband calling up at meal times to remind ... but I forget. The sane side of my head keeps badgering me, I am only delaying getting better. But. I forget! Need. To. Start. Taking. All. Medicines. Regularly.

3. The above has to lead to this. Sort my health. I complete three years of *bad health* on January 4, and that is when all this needs to end. Yes, I am giving myself 10 days of buffer time to mope as much as I want. Medicines have led to weight gain which in turn has pushed me to severe depression. I am out of the depression by about 25%, I need to pull my worth and be positive. I walked into this alone, I will pull myself out on my own. Family and well-wishers can only support.

4. Be more social. Poor health and depression have pushed me into being asocial. The only people I communicate with every single day are Maa, Sankalp  and Abhay. I mostly don't receive calls and call back only when the mood allows. This needs to be changed. I need to stop pushing people away.

5. Read more. I'd read very less between 2009-half of 2012. In the second half of 2012, I picked momentum. In 2013, I want to read much much more, and a lot of Indian authors. I have a mind block about new age Indian authors, I wish to read and discover some excellent Indian authors.

6. Be less timid. And not let people walk all over my sentiments.

7. Prepare for 2014 Mumbai Marathon. I had been meaning to do this for 2012 and 2013, but obviously it didn't happen. Even if I manage only the dream run, I want to participate and finish.

8. Write more. Not just book reviews, for paid assignments and/or in the journal. I wish to indulge more in creative writing for self. The writer's block has comfortably stretched itself over 3 years; this is where it needs to end.

9. Learn a new musical instrument and a new dance form. I am not yet sure which ones, will work on them soon and will probably start working on them from February.

10. Get over my road fear and drive with confidence. This will be to overcome my most major mind block.

And, read more blogs. I have already begun on that, and in the next one week, I have a whole lot of amazing blogs sidelined to read and enjoy! :-)

Phew!! All the best to ME!!

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