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Book Review: She writes, a collection of short stories

On the jacket:

Every woman has a story to tell Random House India, in collaboration with MSN, presents an extraordinary collection of stories from twelve talented women writers across the country—a woman trapped in a stifling marriage makes a shocking discovery, a repressed memory is suddenly brought back by a dead tree, a self-styled nun finds unlikely love in a Tibetan monastery. Rich and deeply evocative, She Writes is a celebration of some of the most exciting writing talent in our country. Winner names: • Anisha Bhaduri • Geeta Sundar • Sheela Jaywant • Prarthana Rao • Aprameya Manthena • Chitralekha • Belinder Dhanoa • Yishey Doma • Santana Pathak • Amrita Saikia • Jyotsna Jha • Shreya Manjunath

ISBN  : 9788184001242
Binding : Paperback
Price   : 299
Imprint : Random House India
Format : B format
Subject : General & Literary Fiction
Extent : 208


She Writes has an introduction by author Preeti Shenoy and seriously speaking, that was the most interesting read in the entire book. 

I understand that the stories are by authors who won amongst thousands of applicants. But, the stories are seriously, not great. The first story by Anushka Bhaduri was nice, it was an interesting read. However, the protagonists name was spelt as Konika as well as Konica in different sections of the story.

After that the reading experience goes downhill. Some stories don't make no sense at all, and some, actually indicate the author's intent of a very nice plot, but are poorly written. In The Tourist, it made no sense why Saurav cheated on the protagonist, the story was very loosely written. Similarly in  A Tale of Destiny, the characters and the situations were not formed properly, nothing was making sense.

What I felt while reading Revelation was that the author has an excellent plan in mind, but something went wrong while putting it on paper and reader experience was hampered. 

I had seriously expected a better set of reads, but each story kept disappointing so much that finishing the book became a chore. 

Rating: **/5

[This review is for Random House India. The opinions are strictly my own and not been written under any obligation.]

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