Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Book Review: Heirs of Catriona by Anusha Subramanian

On the jacket:

In a land like no other on Earth, deadly creatures from forgotten myths are coming alive...

Sara and Crystal are ordinary teenagers. Or so they think, until one day, their world is turned upside down when they learn that they are princesses of the magical land of Catriona. Their mothers, the rightful rulers of Catriona, are being held prisoner by Merissa, the wicked queen. Sara and Crystal must help rescue their mothers, and to do this, they have to journey to a land that does not appear on any known map.

Thrown headlong into the world of vengeful, manioulative gods and deadly sorcerers, the two girls learn the art of magical warfare. But will that be enough to counter the evil unleashed by Merissa and her protector, Loki?


I am such a sceptic reader, yet for a change, when I picked up Anusha's book, I was slightly relaxed, because she comes for a family of established authors. For one, she would have been guided well, and secondly, a good author will never recommend a mediocre author, even if related.

So, yes, I got the chance to read Heirs of Catriona, thanks to Anusha's father and author Ravi Subramanian. I am already a fan of his works, so reading Anusha's work was intriguing.

Now about the book and Anusha's first attempt. Personally, I enjoyed the book. I was reminded of when I was about 12, gorging on as many book as I could, school schedule permitting and how I would pen down short stories with my own imagination. My characters used to be sleuths like the Five Find Outers. 

As always, I won't talk much about the story. The summary is above for you to read, and for the rest, you'll need to read the book! Heirs of Catriona is a reflection of Anusha's vivid imagination, crisp story telling skills and her good language skills. However, there is a lot of scope for improvement. Character building needed a bit more attention. 

You might find faint impressions of books you've read earlier (might, not necessarily), but hey, she is 12 and it's her first book! It's a positive book, about hope and winning. Heirs of Catriona won over the child in me, I suggest you introduce it to the child in you as well!

More than liking Heirs of Catriona, what I noticed and liked was that there is a promise of much better work, and more stories for us to read. More innovative plots, and no shift to chiclit is what I am hoping for!

My rating: 4/5

[This review is an author request, however, the views are my own.]

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