Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book Review: The Bottom Line by Sonu VC

On the jacket:

Understanding life has never been easy. Life unfolds new and different colours every now and then. Although it is not that complex but it is not that simple too.

“The Bottom Line” gives you a pause and takes you a step back from your current state so that you can visualise the broader perspectives of life and think about the very purpose of your existence.

About the author:

Sonu V C is an HR professional and is presently associated with VivaKi India, part of a French Multinational Publicis Groupe. He became one of the members of the advisory board of ASHA (Association for Social Health and Advancement), an NGO at the age of 21. He also moved on to become a certified trainer from ISTD (Indian Society for Training and Development) at a pretty young age of 25. He has conducted a number of training programmes/workshops on Team Building, Personality Development, Leadership Development and Effective Communication Skills for organisations like Ambuja Realty, Advance Group of Companies etc.

Recently, he has started Deepika Foundation, an organisation which aims at bringing light in the lives of many by working in the areas of education, health and livelihood.


I am not a fan of self-help books at all, and to be frank I was a bit sceptical about review The Bottom Line. 

Simple language, reader friendly guidelines and a quick read, The Bottom Line puts forward some of the basic questions we come up in our minds. Spread across 104 pages and four sections, it does get a reader thinking about what and who we really are.

The Bottom Line  is not the end to all your questions, but like it did to me, it will surely trigger off many questions in you mind, pushing you to speculate and find answers. The good part about the book is, it doesn't talk about only the *what* and the *how* to do, but also about the *why* to do so!

The book could have been more extensive, but I expect, now that the author has established his foot in this genre, we would be getting more from him. As it is, in The Bottom Line, he has put across life's basic philosophies in very crisp and clear presentation, making it a nice, quick read.

My rating: ***/5

Book Source : Author
Publisher : World Book Company
Genre : Self Help/Philosophy
ISBN : 978-93-82417-19-4

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