Friday, September 28, 2012

What cartoons do your kids watch?

Today, I spent the afternoon watching cartoons on tv. 30 minutes each of Doreman and Shin-Chan, and two hours of good old Tom & Jerry classics.

I have grown up on Sesame Street, Duck Tales, Tale Spin, Tom & Jerry, Winnie the Pooh, and the other regular Disney cartoons. As a teenager, I saw the television flooded with Nickelodeon's cartoons like Rugrats etc. But now, the scene seems to have changed. While the kind of standard of cartoons have changed, what has remained constant , is the fact that kids still love cartoons!

Shin-Chan's antiques throughout the thirty minutes that I saw the show, concerned me a lot. I know for sure that almost all kids these days watch this show and mothers let them. Not a very welcome, sight.

Firstly, these cartoons are dubbed in Hindi. Most children get to hear and converse in Hindi at home and/ or in the neighbourhood. At a formative stage, it's equally important for the child's grasping power of English increases. Watching a show in English, trying to understand the words and then smoothly transitioning to the stage where the pronunciations are clear and come naturally, is important. This is not a must have, but in the formative stages of life, this does help a lot, I believe.

In most households, bringing a child up with discipline is the main focus. Then, these very children are allowed to watch shows like Shin-Chan where, a five year old say to his toddler sister, "Dekho Himavari, mummy hamare papa ke mehnat se kamaye hue paison ko kiss tarah uda rahi han."  Seriously? Your child will hear this, and not try to imitate? Of course, he will. Then, you will either laugh it off, thinking he is just a kid, and create a monster. Or, you'll punish him?

Why would you punish him? If he is allowed to watch the show, a child's mind will always follow by example! It's unfair if you scold him if he talks to you in a similar tone as Shin-Chan does to his mother! These cartoons have such an influence that I know a few mothers who even scold the way Shin-Chan's mother scolds him; in the very same tone!

What is happening? A few mothers have told me, they prefer these dubbed cartoons to Tom & Jerry, because the latter shows a lot of violence!

Oh really? You and I grew up on Tom & Jerry, how violent did we turn up to be? On the other hand, your 4-5yr olds are turning up to be indisciplined children who don't know how to speak. 

Today, I saw a scene where Shin-Chan goes to the loo early the morning, and comes out wearing only his short pyjama top and nothing below, with all of him, clearly visible. Don't we teach our kids to be properly dressed all the time. So, if their friend Shin-Chan can roam around without underwear and bottoms, wouldn't they think, they can too?

I would really want to know what mothers feel about this. I am not a mother, but I can definitely see that what your children watch growing up, is what will affect their characters. Either ration their tv watching time, or ration what they watch!

Are your children going from cute to misbehaved even before they turn 5?


  1. Very very true.
    I can relate to what you're saying coz I have a 9 year old kid brother too.
    It becomes very important to have somethings like cartoons right, because that is the closest to kids in their course of growing up.

  2. Interesting observation. Not very sure abt wat cartoon offers now in India.. I'm still a loyal fan to mickey mouse n his troop. Having toddlers at home, I can not deny that cartoons r the best friends to the kids as well as the parents . N I think personally it's the same theory/ philosophy that applies to the cartoon as it 'll while choosing ur(and for kids-their!) Friends. As a parent, u need to 've as much communication with ur kids as well as with their friends to know wat r they interacting n perceiving within each other along this course of togetherness. Only policing the kid abt restriction on time or quality of what they watch is not gonna solution. The more u put a ban for sth the more likely they 'll b attracted to that tabooed world. More appropriate will b to have a time together at least once inwhile where u too sit n watch wat they watch n make decision together as wat is better n more fun. Probably its easy for me to say sitting here coz our cartoon channels for toddlers n kids r more educational n awareness based. So for us it's more like picking good mangoes over good apples then in India where it's trash against trash(as I perceive from ur blog above!)
    Yes u hit a very valid point.


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