Monday, September 17, 2012

Book Review: The Confession by John Grisham

Book: The Confession
Author: John Grisham
ISBN: 0099545829
ISBN-13: 9780099545828, 978-0099545828
Binding: Paperback
Publishing  Date: 2011
Publisher: Arrow
Number of Pages: 464
Language: English


The Confession, a legal thriller by John Grisham, is the story of an innocent man who finds himself on the death row after being wrongly convicted of a heinous crime.

My review

I have been reading Grisham since I'd been a teenager, and if I may say so, he is the only author who makes boring court room dramas, thrilling. So, when The Confession came my way, I was only too eager to read!

The plot was wafer thin and the suspense not very catchy. Having read most of Grisham's works, seriously, I found The Confession slow at some parts. The author has produced such masterpieces, that this failed to create the same mark, somewhere. Maybe, my expectations were too high. Individually, it's a good read, if you are a fan of thrillers.

Nevertheless, as a reader, I cannot deny that The Confession was a good read in simple, easy language and can be enjoyed by new readers as well. Character sketches were very vivid. Travis Boyette, a rapist and a murderer, as well as a convict who is about to die of brain tumour soon, won my interest within the first few pages. When as a reader, I got the know what seemed like the climax, I was actually wondering how the book will actually end. Normally, confession comes at the end of a story, here that's how it began. Can't deny, that there was too much detailing and it wasn't as good as Grisham's other books, but this was unputdownable, as well.

My rating: 3.5/5

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