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Book Review: Sexy @ Sixty by Namita Jain

Book – Sexy @ Sixty – Health & Beauty at every age
Author – Namita Jain
Publisher – Westland Ltd.
ISBN – 978-93-81626-63-4
Price – 200 INR
Pages – 202
Genre – Health/Wellness

From the jacket

Sexy at sixty. Is that possible? Namita Jain, the prestigious wellness expert, shows you how in Sexy @ Sixty, which is a celebration of this wondrous phase in your life. She aims to make it even more wonderful by giving you enough ammunition, in the form of many helpful tips on lifestyle, food, exercise and staying positive, to slay the bugbears that threaten to rain on your parade. Aimed at the modern notsoyoung man or woman, the book is full of practical, easyto understand information:

  • Tables showing you the exact calorie count of your meals ,
  • Illustrations for safe ways to exercise, whether by gentle stretches or strength training,
  • Chapters on how to tackle everything from skin care and weight gain to stress, arthritis and diabetes,
  • Easy to follow explanations for menopause or pros tate issues.

Join Namita Jain as she shows you the way to health and beauty at every age!

My review

Can you climb up three flights of steps without gasping for breath? Do you sleep well? Do you wake up most mornings looking forward to the day? Do you go for a walk, visit the gym, play a sport or engage in some other energetic activity at least thrice a week? Do you eat wholesome, nutritious food? Do you relax and take time out without feeling stressed?

These are some questions Namita Jain asks you in the book, and triggers your own string of thoughts. 

In the beginning, Jain talks about being a couch potato and how it leads to the horrible battle against the bulge. She goes on to talk about metabolism, hypertension, the good & bad cholesterol and our heart. A little later in the book, Jain discusses some major health scares of old age like diabetes, menopause, osteoporosis, prostate, arthritis, stress busters and wrinkles. Jain has simplified a healthy life and here is a book which will tell you being fit is easy and not a mammoth task!

The book is peppered with Jain's real life experiences with clients, and their success stories. It's always inspirational to know about people who have battled the bulge and are not leading a happy and healthy life! 

The chapter about Osteoporosis was specially interesting for me, as my mother is suffering because of it. Reading through, I was confident most of us would find solutions to ailments our parents are suffering from.

The books talks about simple exercises in standing, sitting and lying positions along with instructions as well as illustrations. It also includes some simple recipes of dishes like gajar ka halwa, a dish we normally avoid fearing calories. But, lo and behold! With Jain's recipe, you can definitely tuck in a bowl at times!

Words like diabetes, cholesterol etc scare us, normally. Jain has, in simple terms, explained the whats, the hows and the whys of these health problems. Jain also tells us about simple things like correct posture and breathing techniques - something we do know about, but ignore. If not taken care of, these two things might lead to averse conditions in our bodies.

Menopause has been discussed at length in the book. Starting from what to eat and what to exercise; to answering basic yet important questions that many menopausal women have in mind.

Though the name suggests good health for the old, I'd suggest the young read it too! Namita Jain imparts basic information about food types, body essentials and how we can tackle bigger problems by just including the right foods in our diet! Along with natural methods of staying fit, Jain has also discussed cosmetology, which gives you a fair idea about what is in store. Towards the end of the book, Jain also gives a tabled infoview of food types which can be taken for different types of vitamins, folic acid, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. 

So, what are you waiting for? Why wait till 60, start now, at 25!

My rating: 3.5/5

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