Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James

With an overdose of a hullaboo around, and so many people recommending Fifty Shades of Grey, I finally placed an order for the first two books of the trilogy, earlier last month. Why two? Umm..don't ask me, I don't know. If it was a hit just in India, I might have simply labelled it as easily available erotica and ignored it. But, world over ...

I read the first few pages and honestly, I found it slow. Meanwhile, another friend read it. And, another. Out of curiosity, I picked it up again. 

Christian Grey had me hooked. He played with my mind. Not so much with his sexual preferences, as much as the man he was. Am pretty sure, most women will agree, we've met him. In my case, I've met him six times. Maybe met 4, known another and lived with one in the past. The dominance in character is not very common; yet is common.

Characterisation wasn't very strong. I personally know people in similar relationships and Anastasia's transition from being a virgin to a willing sub, without signing the contract, wasn't very realistic. Despite so many sex scenes, it wasn't really titillating, to say the least. 

When Christian introduced Anastasia to his mother and then the rest of the family, somewhere the fantasy got smudged in my head. The relationship started looking 'vanilla'. My experience of dominant men speaks differently. A common link between all is a troubled mind.  

The story was nice. Well-written, but no big deal. It did progress very nicely, but the end, where Anastasia breaks up with Christian was abrupt. Yes, there is a sequel. But, this was an individual story, and from a reader's point of view, it should have finished at its own pace. 

It's not a bad book per se, but to me its a very thick Mills & Boon. And like I do with M&Bs, I skipped through the pages describing them having sex. These descriptions have been read so many times, there was nothing new. Don't go by my words here, I finished reading most of Sydney Sheldon's sex-heavy books by the time I was 16. I am hoping the next book in the sequel will be more enticing.

If I finished the book, it was coz of good and smooth easy-read sort of writing. And, Christian Grey. He played with my mind for four days. 

This is no critic's choice, but there is no reason why you shouldn't read it either! Read it as a story, not as erotica. Trust me, there is much better erotica out there. You'l read this, only because it has sex ... not because it has a captivating story. Of course, if you want to read good literature which is racy as well, I suggest DH Lawrence's Lady Chatterly's Lover.

Laters guys ;-)

- S

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