Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ek HAI Tiger!

Ok, no brownie points for guessing, I love Salman Khan. I love him from the time I'd seen the credits in the beginning of Maine Pyaar Kiya. Love had gone for a toss, when he turned into a bad boy, but hey, he served jail for it. And, as of today, he is only doing good, as a person. Haters will still object, but like the world cares!

So, Ek Tha Tiger released today. Unintentionally, I ended up with First Day First Show tickets. Yeah, 09:15 am! Last time I did that was back in college - catching a movie during college hours. Thrilling?!! 

So, whatever, both S and I were on your seats before 09:15 am, barely able to open our eyes. We look around, houseful. *oh yeah!*

I don't need to tell you the story, right? Well, here's a little bit: Salman, with code name Tiger, is an intelligence officer at RAW. An underutilised Girish Karnad is his boss, and and over utilised Ranvir Shorey, whose name is Gopi, but the look is kinda Muslim, is his aide. So, while on a mission, Tiger meets Zoya and almost woos her, when he learns she is an ISI agent. He shoots at her, right before intermission. Nothing great in terms of story in the next half, but I'd rather not include spoilers. 

Locales are not so great. Cuba, Kazakhstan ... not much to see. Dublin wasn't shown much of. Also, what kept going through my mind was, why do all Kabir Khan movies have a Muslim angle? Either countries or characters. Too clichéd, if you ask me!

There are only two things I have in my mind after watching Ek Tha Tiger:
1. Salman and Katrina need to get back together. In all fairness, neither is that great an actor, to fake the chemistry. They are meant to be together, and they should. The love, still shows.

2. Salman isn't an actor, per se. He still rakes in the moolahs. Your other talented and intelligent actors, need to act for an iota of what his films earn. Argue as much as you want, you cannot change this fact. The man has style, attitude and the power to woo his fans. 

In the song, Saiyaara, Zoya is shown wearing a white frock and goooorgeous red high heels in the first scene. Next scene, till the end of the song, she is shown wearing silver high heels. At another moment, when  Zoya is checking the stage lights and dances with Tiger, her hair is shown as all-open and then suddenly its tied. Poor editing.

There have been better stunts in other films, but I loved them. Call me biased or whatever. But Salman's introduction shot was whistle-worthy and so was the one in the end, where he jumps on to the helicopter. Katrina's stunts were niiice! A girl doing stunts is one of the coolest things!

Over all, Ek Tha Tiger might be a max 3star film, but Salman kept his fans happy. He looked good, danced cute, moved his tush adorably and did some awesome stunts. There was this couple on this screen, I loved to see together. I might watch it again, but hey ... go check it out for yourself! 

Psst: 'Tha' doesn't always mean dead, silly! Stop believing BBM forwards!

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