Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My first try at t-shirt painting ...

... this was made for my husband's nephew Ryan on his 3rd b'day last May. Have painted many more tees since then, including two for hubby dearest :)

Remembering "Chief Vasily" and Russian reads

I have always loved Russian tales, specially their folk tales. I loved the land of Ivans and Ivanhoes, the brave men who always got the better of the fire spitting dragons.
Remember MISHA, the magazine from Russia? No, not the men as well as the women around you, with the men Misha … yes, most of them were named after this magazine / or the mascot (Mischka) [if you check, their fathers would have visited Russia around the time they were born. I speak from personal experience of having known 5 Misha's...all with the same story  ]
It must have been some 15 years since I read any Russian book (strictly, children’s book). While reminiscing, I remembered a translated book I had read, Chief Vasily. It was written by Tatyana Efimchenko-Evlakhova and till date, only one person I know has also read that book. I long to read it now, once again. Alas! I do not see any e-copy or any search result coming up through the mighty Google! :-/ The book is at mom’s place, so its gonna haunt me until I go there next and bring it back with me!!
Coming back to Chief Vasily, its a story of two friends, one of whom is Vasily. The other child, was a city boy, whose name, if I remember correctly was Peter. He was a ‘Moscowite’, which means he was from the big city of Moscow. I had read this story for the first time, when I was 8 and the word Moscowite has been a word of amusement since then. I love the way it sounds on my tongue!
Peter’s exams are over and his mother is taking him to the country. His father is an army man and wouldn’t be able to join them. Peter is upset and grudgingly accompanies his mother to the village. He is a snob and gets into a fight with the village boys, headed by Vasily the moment he gets off the boat. Over the time, he softened from being a snob to learning to share and care. My memory fails me, but I know this story was special … it was a well-woven story with a heavy dose of subtle moral education.
Unless my memory is completely failing me, I remember reading this phrase/adage/whatever in this book – ‘He who laughs last, laughs best’ and it made a huge impression on me when i was a kid and it got rolled in to my philosophy of life then and along with ‘every dog has its day’, it had the impact of making me nicer to others, or so I would like to think.  .
I’d given it a 5 stars back then, when I was 8. I still rate it the same!

Lost, lost me.

At present, I am trying to

01. see color through desaturated eyes.

02. live life in a comic strip.

03. search for a drop of vodka in my glass of water.

04. randomize randomness.

05. find the beholder in whose eyes lies the beauty of the world.

06. imagine Lolita as Lalita and vice versa.

07. look for a place with thousand rivers and thousand moons.

08. consciously make an effort to remain unconscious.

09. figure out how to abscond.

10. get a permanent thought bubble placed over my head that says ‘fuck you all’.

11. imagine the post marriage life of calvin, susie and hobbes ofcourse.

12. convince everyone that I am an angel.

13. quit my job to become a ‘bouncer’ for a better professional life.

14. quit puking after drinking.

15. hire ‘contract killers’ to kill all the wrong clients

16. study the behavioral pattern of my parents and see if I can blame them for the total lack of pattern in my behaviour.

17. organize my chaos.

18. search for the man who sold the world and ask him about ownership rights.

19. understand if 3 was as addicted to me as I was to 3!!!

20. stop being addicted to addictive things.

21. be less fucking abusive.

22. lust less for love.

23. find questions to my answers.

24. be on the right side of wrong.

25. wonder why I like hearing ‘just do it’ more than ‘I do’.

26. give another meaning to the ‘middle finger’.

27. see if ‘lol’ and ‘lalu’ have a connection.

28. find some cute doctors because I am sick of eating an apple a day.

29. be homely at home on wednesdays.

30. dream a nightmare

31. undo a redo.

32. learn to cartwheel into my boss's room.

33. search for fresh protoplasm.

34. be optimistic about my pessimism.

35. be a song that is hard to memorize.

#BookReview : The Shrine of Death by Divya Kumar

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