Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul At Work

AUTHOR:  Jack Canfield. Mark Victor Hansen and Juhi Rai Farmania
Genre:  Inspirational / Non-fiction
ISBN:  978-93081626-45-0
NO. OF PAGES:  382
PRICE:  INR 295 (I got this from Blogadda)

“Work is not man’s punishment. It’s his reward and his strength and his pleasure.” – George Sand

Sam says: While I am all for motivation, I personally enjoy happy stories more. As a teen, I have read a lot of “Chicken Soup” books and each story would lead me with a tug in my heart and tears in my eyes. 

Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul – At Work is a compilation of 101 stories about people’s struggles and successes at the work place. Work and career are important parts of one's life, whether one is it’s someone owning a startup, a BPO employee, a private sector employee or someone from the medical profession. This book has gathered a rich treasure chest of experiences and inspiring tales that share the daily courage, compassion and creativity that occur in workplaces everywhere. Most of the stories here will encourage you with tales of heartwarming camaraderie and inspirational breakthroughs. The 101 inspirational stories are divided into 13 sections.

However, what did disturb in a few stories was that they sounded like a report. A problem is mentioned, followed by a brief struggle and then the person comes out as a winner. These being true stories, if the reader could know exactly how the person came about solving some problems, would have been so much more better!

Having said that, this book is definitely a winner.  The stories are inspirational and for me this is not a one- time read.  It’s a kind of an inspirational bible which can be referred to whenever one needs that extra push form real life success stories. Be it for taking crucial decisions, or be it for putting everything at stake for one dream, these 101 stories are a combination of just the punch and courage that we need, at times. So much so, that if you turn to the last few pages of the book, you have a brief bio of all those whose success stories have made it to the collection, and their mail ids. I hope no one bombards them with unnecessary mails, but knowing this, feel that those stories are not concocted. They are REAL! And if they could overcome obstacles at their work places, SO CAN WE!!

Of all the 101 stories, one that stands out for me is “Obstacles and Opportunities”  by Manisha Velankar. Manisha was given a huge work responsibility which involved long hours, travelling and living in another country for a while, just when she was pregnant. Defying common decision taken by most women, to quit and sit at home, she juggled both, succeeding in her work as well as her pregnancy. We don’t get to know about such strong women, a lot. But now, we have Manisha for inspiration!

My rating ****/5

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