Thursday, February 23, 2012


Feb 24, 2012

Today, its four years since we took the most impulsive, life changing decision of our lives. 4 years since both our lives changed.  Four years since I learnt humility and you learnt to be stronger person. Four years since the Sharma and the Mukherjee families were destined to join hands, hug and live happily ever after. 

Our decision was on impulse, we were asked to rethink it umpteen times. The age difference, or lack of it ... the opposite backgrounds, the small courtship period, the fact that other than our love for each other, we didn't have anything in common. We should have listened to them. But we didn't :) We didn't give it a second thought, we never fought against odds, we never fought against family -- we let the pain of uncertainty simmer within us. And we prayed. 

Of course, love was inexpensive -- calls from and to each our phones were free. But the distance killed it. In between, we went through personal hell. You almost lost your eyesight, I almost stopped breathing. Hundreds of kilometres away, each was hospitalised. Who does one pray for in such conditions - self or the other? But, God was kind and the doctors were experts, we both got a second lease. Still, our being together was uncertain. 

At times, its best to leave things on fate and sit back to enjoy life. We did precisely that. Yet again, God was kind. And we are together. 

At times, we forget. We forget the pain, the trauma, the emptiness and the uncertainty we went through. So involved do we get in our today, that the past seems far away. Today's frustrations and the challenges lead us to bickering and arguing about an unhappy present, forgetting what all we endure to have this very present. 

We forget how lucky we have been. Our families had met and fallen in love with each other. How often does that happen, amidst people of completely opposite values, roots and upbringing? Our decision to marry was never questioned ... maybe a little bit resisted, but never questioned. My mother can't see beyond you and your family has accepted me for who and what I am. We lead a happy and wholesome life, doing well in our individual careers. Yes, we don't get enough time to spend with each other, but that can be adjusted.
While we had made the decision on impulse, our families took our decision seriously and had our dreams fulfilled in just a year!

Today, its four years since we accepted each other's presence in our lives. And in 10 days, it would be three years we have been married. As you sleep next to me right now, I hold back the need to spoon you right away, and make a promise to self -- I'l make up for whatever together time we have lost on. I'l ensure 10 years from today, Sharleen, Akanksha and Bijoy can STILL say -- "You are our inspiration." :)

Love you, Shona. 

-- Shveta


  1. your post brought tears...and memories galore...

    I dont know if you would believe me... but I am glad..Im really happy...that someone got her fairtale ending *touchwood*

    I sit reading your blog...tears streaming down my face...i dont care what my colleagues moved beyond words...A part of me winces painfully...and i smile...i know i am alive.. thank you..for making me realize that not all of me is dead... the romantic in me lives on...

  2. Lucky Couple thats all i can say. :) Happy for both of you.. :)


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