Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jaishree Misra: Secrets and Lies, A Review

Anita, Zeba, Bubbles and Sam have a friendship that spans over 20 years, born out of their years at a private girls’ school in Delhi in the early Nineties. They were the top clique - until the arrival of a newcomer to the school - the beautiful, gifted 16-year-old Lily D'Souza, who ithreatens their superiority.
Called back to India for a reunion by their beloved school principal, the women must now confront a secret that has haunted their adult lives. Lily's body was found on the night of their leaving party and, for twenty years, the open verdict has shielded the fact that they may have had a hand in her death. As they reunite in Delhi to find out the truth about what really happened that night, will their friendship stand the strain?


The book takes the reader through lives of four school friends over the span of 15 years. You will get faint hints of Blyton's influence, as in words like "quarantine". What kept me glued to the book was it took me to the past, got me engrossed and then just threw me at the present. While reading about the present, my mind itched to know what had happened in the past, and vice versa. 
Every character was well defined and not for once will you wonder why they behaved in a certain way. The characters are seen to evolve over the book. Misra seems to have this uncanny way of mentioning something from the past which will keep you wondering what happened next, and move on to the present for the next 10 pages.

A page-turner, one is left wondering if there is a sequel to the book, considering the point at which the book ends. To summarise, the book can be called a chick-lit cum thriller cum suspense novel cum teenage romance which makes it a definite readable fare and a gripping page turner.

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