Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Haunted: A review

Author: Douglas Misquita
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9789380154954
Pages: 372
Price: 350.00

Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Kirk Ingram's life is torn apart when his family is brutally murdered before his eyes. Devastated physically and psychologically, he vows to destroy organised crime in all forms. Across the globe, an international trade house brings terrorist activities and organised crime together in a deadly nexus that threatens to bring the world-order to the point of anarchy. And only one man stands in the way of global terror and paranoia-one man seeking redemption, and waging a personal battle against the demons of his past...

Review: Superb!! And I am putting it mildly, believe me! When I got this book, I was already reading something else, but did a sneak peak of the first couple of pages, and I was hooked. 
You read this book, and you will feel its a best seller by a seasoned author! But no! Douglas is a new boy in the Indian literary scene and I am still wondering why there still hasnt been enough hype heard about him and his book. Move over CB and the host of writers who think they can write, Douglas is a star story teller. I was so impressed by the book, that I feel my praises might sound like a paid review! Try reading it one, you will thank me! 
Story of an FBI agent who loses his wife and daughter, the story spans around continents. Very fresh, yet the writing style is polished and well practiced. Excellent editing, and superb story-telling. This is not a book you can read 2 pages a time and then forget about it. You need to give it time, coz the plot will grip you. so keep aside some slid time for good reading :)

Rating: 4/5

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