Monday, January 23, 2012

"Science nahin kiya kya?"

There was a time in the late 1990s when my friend Shruti and I had opted against science. Imagine how much the society hounded us!!

Shruti entertained statements like:
“Kyun kahin bhi science mein admission nahin mila kya?”
“Kya karogi commerce padhkar?”
“Accha CA/CS hi kar lo”
“Par future kya hoga”

Me…my condition was even worse. I had taken up Arts. Oh shit! My trauma went to another level altogether:
“Kya karogi fir…”
“Bhabhi, ab kya … iske liya ladka dekh lete hain”
“Your father had a BSC as well a B.Tech and Mtech and Phd …. and this is what you want to do?”
“Chalo koi nahin … school mein padha lena”
“Sacchi batao…marks aur kam aaye thhe kya?”

Now these are just mildest of the comments.

Reasons like “this is where my interest lies” didnt get thru people’s thick skulls. To this their replies where,
“Chalo BSc kar lo”. To one such person I said, “ab science mein aage kuchh karna hi nahin hai, fir kyun padhna. Economics interests me, I like it! neways, BSC woh karte hain jinko engg mein admission nahin milta.”
Result? “Tsk…tsk! Ladki haath se nikal gayi … she is wasting her time and her future.”

Why am I talking about all this more than a decade later? As 15-year-olds we fought with this stigma…majorly thanks to our families’ support and we had each other to console and motivate.

Now, when I hear people scream 100% cut off is not realistic … i feel sadistically peaceful from within?

Find out the reason before you judge me here :)

The cut-off is unrealistic … that’s all you will hear everyone screaming these days!! But tell me one thing, how many of these ppl, or their wards had even applied to SRCC this year? Did they even try and find out that the actual cut-off is 96 and quite manageable by many?

AND that this cut-off is for people moving in from other streams (read: sceince).

So…why not?

It ensures that the wannabes who took up science and then failed to perform, do not pollute the commerce and arts faculties.


Soon one day, it would be easier to get an admission in engg than these “regular streams”

Even today, people look down upon anyone who doesn’t sit for the PETs and PMTs and whatever else those exams are called, but forget that only the cream gets through … the rest resort to private engg/medical colleges with hefty donations/thru management quotas. Its for these people that I support the sooper high cut off. Kahin nahin mila toh chalo commerce karte hain is a pathetic attitude.

To avoid such pollution, I am glad SRCC took this step … more colleges need to join in.

Be the best in what you do …
… and the thinking that iska kahin nahi hota woh arts/commerce karta hai…needs to die!!

Shruti went on to get an MBA from a premier institute in Maharashtra and I proudly posses my bachelors as well as masters’ degree in Economics, along with a Diploma in Mass Communication (ohhh…and both of us have GNIIT diplomas as well, though never used that!). I have more than 200 published articles with a couple of them being used by the Ministry of Health (Govt. of India), for their awareness campaigns. There is more I can brag about myself, but seriously, you won’t be interested!

The “engineers” whom I grew up with, are mostly sitting in some shop, or are marketeers. That goes for my husband as well … he is a banker.

Yes, the cut off is unrealistic. So what? The higher the bar is raised, the better the kids will perform. And who said, sabko SRCC mein padhna hai?

Disclaimer: Science students, please don’t pounce on me for voicing my thoughts. No offence to any of you, seriously!


  1. i went through your blog ..almost every post ;)
    but this one was real heart-breaking. I'm a med student and just to clear your doubts, not the one entering into college with exceesively large donations.
    ya, i agree that people haven't changed their outlook for commerce stream but your post sounded like either every engg./med. student is a failure or they achieve good only after entering into colleges by donations.
    It was bit disappointing to see this post here for your image in my mind (after going through entire blog of yours) was quite different.

    Well at this point, all I want to mention is that every stream has its ups-and-downs.I have made many sacrifices to reach where i'm today and i'm sure you too had have such hardships at some point. So just say cheers to life for whatever it offers.. everyone is fighting their own battle to outshine ! :)

    keep up your good work, loved your blog posts (just not this one) ;)

    1. Thanks for going through the blog :-)

      I am not sure why u r justifying ur medical seat as the post above is a real life incident and not for taking pot-shots at anyone. It's a pity you built an image for me in your mind and the trouble went to waste coz of this post.


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