Monday, January 23, 2012

Live to eat? Or eat to live?

Neither am I a foodie, nor am I a cooking enthusiast. In fact, I cook very laboriously, though I have been told I am a 'natural cook'. I can't cook as per specifications. I have my own approximation and they are never the same twice. I am not an excellent cook, though I do cook moderately well. I don't live to eat. I eat to livem though most of the time I think I can survive only on chocolates!

I have been a hard core non-vegetarian all my life, until a couple of years ago, when I married a vegetarian. Lucky for me, the angel of my life has no qualms about what I eat, so much so, that he too has tried to dabble with what I eat. Can't say he loved it, but he 'adjusts' willingly' :)

Initially, life was smooth, thanks to our 8 months stay with my BIL and SIL. Never had to think about what to cook and when to cook. In the last 15 months that we have been staying away from family, its upon me to come up with what to cook, twice a day. Man! What a drag!!

Our kitchen is a typical East India meets Central India. Being a Bengali, cooking to me means elaborate procedures. On the flip-side, day to day food which my husband prefers is no rocket science. The same masalas, the few same vegetable, same recipes for dal tadka too. I noticed somehow there are very few vegetables that Sankalp, my husband eats.

Not good. Where is the nutrition? If I am cutting off the fish and the chicken from my diet, where do I get my proteins from? A Bengali firmly believes that you have 2 pieces of fish a day, and your daily nourishment has been taken care of. So, now what?

This is where this blog is coming into place. I am trying out some experiments, some permutations and combinations with spices and basic ingredients. I am also trying to learn to cook some Bengali vegetarian dishes which I love, but haven't cooked before. And I love to bartend ... which I do at home, from time to time.

This blog will be the culmination of recipes which I have tried and have been successful in our conflicted kitchen.

I have been told by my husband that I have cooked certain items better than my MIL <and she is a super-awesome cook, mind it!>. Can I ask for anything more? Hell, no! I am the best cook, ever. :P

Would love feedbacks and suggestions....

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