Monday, January 30, 2012

Judy and her "Two Fates"

On her website she says, "I wrote a book called Two Fates - The Story of my Divorce. Now I'm just waiting to sell movie rights so I can fight with Aamir Khan."

With so many wannabe authors all over FaceBook, its not easy to decide who you really want to read and who you don't. To be on the safe side, I have decided not to read any one of them. To people who know me, I find it traumatic to read most books by Indian authors published on this side of 2000. So, call me arrogant, but I categorically do not read new age authors and while I did read on Judy's FB posts that she is writing a book ... I didn't pay much attention to it.

Then one day, I read a post from her blog. And I loved what I read. Simple language, good and grammatically correct English, witty and with no pretence. I went on to read all the other blog posts. Yes, she knows how to captivate a snob like me! I made a mental note to read her book when it releases.

So I read it. Rather, I started reading it and couldn't stop! Before anyone blames me for promoting Judy or the book, let me be clear, I couldn't stop, not because the book was gripping, but because the language was simple, the flow of situations logical, the language good and clear, the characters could be identified with, and, the plot was hilarious. 

I am in a marriage of two states and I know how f****** difficult it is to make it work. Everyone around is just waiting for you to commit one mistake so that they can say, "We told you, it won't work!". Worse is, seriously, when the two families are in love with each other, and all you want to do is wring each other's neck. Lol ... its difficult, but not impossible. Love is a happy ending, only when we realise it and make it happen.

So, moving back to Judy's TWO FATES. When I read the prologue I wondered if it was another novel on the lines on Chetan Bhagat. But, it wasnt!! Ok, now I haven't read Two States <I don't read CB>, so Two Fates was a brand new story for me, instead of a continuation. Judy is funny, she is really funny. Some parts of the book are a little unbelievable at times, but they aren't far-fetched. Like being 75% divorced ... I don't think I will ever use this term if I was getting a divorce, but someone else might!

Instead of characters simply badmouthing the other's background and culture, incidents which were genuinely funny were brought up. Personally I feel the trip to Edinburgh was not required, but it being a part of the story, didn't hamper much. 

A sort of an in-flight book, its the kind you simply need to finish in one go, not that much because of the plot, but more because of the writer's style, wit and language. 

Being a cautious Virgo, I prefer to tread casually when reading new authors. But seriously, I am eagerly waiting for Judy's next.

Disclaimer: IF you are someone who didn't like the book, I know for sure, you will point a finger at me for promoting the book. So lets be clear, this is purely my personal and genuine view on TWO FATES. Try reading it sometime, its a fantastic leisure read!

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